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Download EzSampark - Free SMS / Contact Management S/W

EzSampark Salient Features:

  1. State of art Contact Index provides big picture and presnts every information about contact on a single screen, at your fingure tips.
  2. Contacts may be organised in different Groups viz. 'Business', 'Friends', 'Relatives', 'Vendeors’, ‘Priority Clients’, etc.
  3. Create as many Groups as you like, dynamically while adding new contact or select from existing Group.
  4. Facility to Import your contact data from Excel Template.
  5. Position and pause mouse pointer on any control to get more information about the control.
  6. Create different Work Status in desired order and assign the different colors from Options screen.
  7. Contacts may be marked with Work Status and list may be filtered for particular Work Status.
  8. For instance, say during “New Year”, if you wish to send Greeting Cards to selected contacts, go to Options, create new Work Status as “New Year Card” and then mark required contacts with this work status by selecting contact and assigning work status by drop-down list below Contacts Index.
  9. Contacts may be filtered by number of crieteria provided in Find All function at the bottom of the Contact Index.
  10. Contacts may be Marked / Unmarked and Mark All / Unmark All for SMS.
  11. Use Send SMS button on the bottom toolbar to send SMS to all marked contacts.
  12. More utilities like very seemless Cheque Formatting and Printing, Address Printing on Envalop, Card Envalop, Big Box Label, etc. are available on the bottom toolbar.
  13. Feel free to spread word about EzSampark, most user friendly FREE Contact Management and Bulk SMS Software.