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2 Way SMS Help

BusinessSMS Quick Start Guide

We appreciate your interest in BusinessSMS bulk SMS Service. Here are few quick tips which will help you best use BusinessSMS services:

User’s Guide – Quick Tips:
  1. Login to your account using your e-mail address as User ID and Password. (TaxPro Clients may use their TPCRN and Password.)
  2. You may send bulk sms by separating numbers by comma or return (enter).
  3. List of numbers may be pasted from Excel Sheet Column.
  4. We recommand ideal batch size of 1000 SMS in single submission using Web based Interface. This is to prevent any losses due to poor Internet Connection.
  5. Length of single SMS is 160 characters.
  6. GSM handsets provides capability to receive long sms (multi-segment) with each segment being 152 characters and sms gets re-assembled and displayed as single sms by reciving GSM handset.
  7. Some CDMA handsets doesn’t support multi-segment SMS and your long message may be displayed as separate message at receiving hand set.
  8. Sending single long sms will deduct your account by corresponding number of sms as displayed below sms text box on Send SMS screen.
  9. If sms contains single Unicode character, complete sms would be sent as Unicode sms with 70 chars as single sms size and 64 chars as segment size in case of multi segment Unicode sms.
  10. Alpha-numeric SenderID will be sent in the header of sms sent to GSM numbers.
  11. BusinessSMS Windows or Web based interface filters invalid numbers at the user interface level and doesn’t send sms to number having insufficient digits.
  12. Scheduled SMS would be scheduled for Delivery within 5-6 minutes of your Scheduled Time, if your account has required balance to submit the complete batch.

How to Purchase SMS / Recharge my Account?

    For Account holders:
  1. If you already have account, you may login to your account and proceed to purchase online. Successful online transaction will add the purchased credit automatically to your account.
  2. If you purchase online without login to your account, or have purchased Recharge Scratch Card you would be issued recharge Serial Number – PIN which may be used to recharge your account by login to your account.
  3. For Non Account holders:
  4. If you doesn’t have account and purchased SMS credit online or thru Recharge Scratch Card, you may visit link I have purchased Business SMS Scratch Card or Online at the bottom of the Login page, complete registration form with SrNo – PIN entered correctly at the bottom of the registration form and your account would be created with purchased sms quantity credited to your account.