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2-Way SMS Help

2 Way SMS Guide

Introduction: How 2 Way SMS System Works?

  1. 2 Way SMS Cycle Starts with any mobile phone sending message to Short Code or Long Code. This is referred to as PULL SMS or Mobile Originated (MO) SMS.

    Pull SMS Illustration

  2. Message received by Short Code or Long Code is forwarded to BusinessSMS Pull Server by the mobile operator. The server starts processing of message depending on First Word (Keyword) in the SMS.
  3. Pull Server may forward incomming SMS to some URL of Client's Web Application and get processed response (with requested data) from that URL or use fixed preset text reply.
  4. The reply would be sent back to the mobile phone initiating the cycle. The reply message is referred to as PUSH SMS or Mobile Terminated (MT) SMS.

    Push SMS Illustration

  5. The Pull SMS (incomming SMS) is also stored in Inbox on BusinessSMS server, and may be configured to be forwarded by e-mail or SMS to concerned person or department.

    2-Way SMS Illustration

Case Studies of 2 Way SMS:

  1. Educational Institute may use 2 Way SMS to publish Results. Student may send SMS like “SSCResult 3465432”. This message contains Keyword - “SSCRetult” and Parameter – 3465432 (RollNo). The incoming SMS (PULL SMS) would be posted to Institute's Web application which will use student’s RollNo from the incoming SMS to lookup database and post text reply which, in turn, is sent back, thru reply SMS by BusinessSMS server.
  2. Commodity brokers may use 2 Way SMS to setup system to provide Commodity rates, in real time to its client through SMS. For instance, M/s HiGain Stocks and Commodity Services wants to use 2 Way SMS service to provide Gold and Silver rates to its clients. The firm purchases keyword “HiGain” on shared code 2 Way SMS service, and creates Sub-Keywords “Gold” and “Silver”. Clients may send SMS “HiGain Gold” or “HiGain Silver” to get latest rates of Gold or Silver in reply SMS.

Other Examples of 2 Way SMS Applications:

  1. SMS to e-mail service.
  2. Request Event Time Table.
  3. Sales and Lead Management System.
  4. Consignment / Courier / Parcel Tracking.
  5. Complaint Submission with consumer number.
  6. Any type of automated Booking / Queuing system.
  7. Circket Score, Stock, Currency, and Commodity pricing.
  8. Vehicle Tracking System by sending Vehicle Number in PULL SMS.
  9. Product Information, Features and Sales Locations may be requested by sending SMS.
  10. Utility meter reading or any other data may be transmitted and updated on server using PULL SMS.
  11. and, well, why not controling Actuators in Plants or Microwave Oven or Home Airconditioner :)